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Tips for a Better Immune System: Ban Lan Gen

History of Use During Epidemics

Ban Lan Gen, Isatis, or the root of the plant used for the indigo dye that colors denim is the herb most sought after during times of epidemics by generations of TCM herbalists.

Long considered helpful for illnesses associated with sore throat, high fever, and high rates of infection, this herb has gained a lot of attention since the SARS, H1N1, MERS and now COVID epidemics. Some research in vitro and even in vivo has shown clear anti-viral properties in some of the chemical compounds of Isatis against replication of the SARS coronavirus.

Although no human studies have been published to date, the long traditional use of Isatis for respiratory illness with high fever, plus its relative low toxicity, leads me to recommend Isatis for those who know they have come in contact with the virus and are looking for natural remedies that might limit the course of the illness.

The main instruction is to start taking Ban Lan Gen at the first sign of dryness in the throat or sinuses. Discontinue after the fever breaks.

If you would like to order Ban Lan Gen, it is pretty much out of stock everywhere, but Crane Herbs, an online dispensary that I use still has it in stock as of this writing.  
If you would like me to send them a prescription, you will have to contact me first to set up an account.

Please contact me if you have any questions about any of my posts.

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