New Steps for Making an Acupuncture Appointment

"Acupuncture in the time of Covid"


Step 1: Health History

Let me know your medical background. 
please take the time to fill this out accurately.

Step 2: Let's stay safe

If you plan to come into the ofice for a treatment, please read carefully the COVID Consent to Treat form below.  To keep everyone safe I need to make sure everyone understands our policies regarding COVID-19

Step 3: Legal Docs

Legal documents requested by my insurance company, (Consent to Treat and an Arbitration Agreement).  Also a Notice about the Federal Law concerning keeping your Health Information private.

Step 4: Intake

For the near future, even for in-office appointments, I will be doing part of your intake over the phone or on Zoom.  This will reduce face-to face contact and will be another way to reduce the spread of COVID.

Step:5 Day of office visit

Please wear a mask at all times.

Wait in the car if you prefer not to wait in the waiting room.  You can call or text me at 6177945787 and I will tell you if I am ready.   

Proceed to the treatment room, it is the first door you see turning right at the top of the stairs.

Step 6: Relax


All surfaces have been cleaned with disinfectant.

Face cradles are used once per day, soaked in disinfectant and left to dry for 24 hours. 

I will be in PPE. 

Step 7: End of Appointment

Payment can be made online with Zelle if you prefer not to give me your credit card. 

Otherwise I am accepting check, cash or credit. 

I will have at least 30 minutes between patients to clean and disinfect.

Smile.  We are saving lives by taking these precautions.